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Women’s health

The female body has its own life story and its needs change throughout that journey.

healthcare is important

Information about healthcare is important to ensure you get the best advice and treatment. Health is a partnership and this can only be achieved if we share information about our services.

active safety and quality programme

There are an active safety and quality programme in place across all services provided by Nutristat. This is audited and the outcomes are monitored at every level of the organization.

We are here to guide you to make the right choices at the right time for a long and happy life.


When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, one size certainly does not fit all. That is why we give you two one-hour consultations with our nutritional therapist to better understand your health goals, lifestyle demands and medical conditions. The nutritional therapist will work with you to find ways your diet can be improved to help you achieve results.

Weight loss regimes

Weight loss regimes are often all pain, no gain. Not with us. Our mix of individual training and group classes offers a fun, practical approach to losing weight and staying healthy. During the programme, you will have two coaching sessions with a personal trainer to specifically design an exercise programme to suit your fitness level and take into account anything you might have.

Our strategy and plans

Nutristat’s strategy is determined by our board of governors, who are both directors of the organisation and the trustees of the not-for-profit organisation. The governors delegate day to day executive authority to the group chief executive.

Quite simply, it defines how we will succeed.

Our clear vision for the organisation stands on some simple principles. From providing activities that contribute to and increase the public benefit, to delivering consistent, high-quality care for our customers and patients, we work hard to build loyalty with our customers, patients and providers. We want to provide best in class connected health and wellbeing services for our customers and patients.

We work hard to ensure our financial sustainability and make sure we are able to reinvest every year, so we can continue to improve infrastructure, complete refurbishments or enhance the skills of our staff to make sure we are looking and working at our best at all times.

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